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Palm Oil…Officially Dangerous?

A new proposal may lead consumers to think palm oil is toxic. Why? A new food labelling law is being discussed in which companies are forced to warn consumers if it contains palm oil. And all warnings have more of a bad connotation.

Food Safety Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) are to continue this discussion until November. By then, ministers are to make a decision on the future of this food label issue. There will be influence after countries like the United States, Canada and the European Union have all voted in favour implementing madatory labelling. Currently, palm oil falls under the wide banner of ‘vegetable oil’.

The issue of palm oil has been previously raised to the FSANZ. Previously, it was an environmental issue rather that the proposed health implications of palm oil. The problem is that palm oil, like coconut oil, contains a high proportion of saturated fat.

However, the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (FGC) are worried that this ‘fear’ believe it should not be seen as a toxic ingredient. Because at the end of the day, it is still an oil. An oil that is produced with 10 times less land than other edible oils.

Can you think of another food that has been placed in a similar situation? Food that although naturally not dangerous but has been perceived as hazardous after food labelling laws?

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