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Pet Food ‘Cat’astrophe

Pet food is something that many people do not think about – especially if they do not have any household pets at home. But it seems that recently, a number of commercial pet food brands have been causing severe illness or injury to adult cats.

A study published in the Australian Veterinary Journal tested 20 pets foods sold in supermarkets and pet stores and nine of them did not adhere to the Australian standards in regards to their “guaranteed analysis” claims. There was also eight pet food brands that did not meet the standards in regards to nutrient content for adult cats because they had too much, or too little, protein and fat.

By not meeting these standards, it can cause adult cats to suffer from lameness, diabetes, obesity or anaemia.

The Australian Veterinary Journal has yet to release the name of the specific brands because the editor believes that the research is still in its early stages and cannot be relied upon until confirmed by large, formal trials.

If food safety can cause our pets so many problems, how much more will it affect humans? Are you going to keep following this story for the safety of your pet, especially if you have a cat? Does this make you take food safety for humans more seriously?

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