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Raw Food Scandal

Many are into the raw food hype that has hit our society. However, after this frightening story, it might just change your mind.

An unidentified 33-year-old mum nearly starved her baby boy to death. The cause? Her naturopath advised her on a diet that would help her son’s eczema. Which eventually led to her only consuming water. This nearly starved and dehydrated the child.

Currently, the naturopath, Marilyn Bodnar, is under trial. She pleaded not guilty to charges of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and failing to provide for a child causing danger or death.

As for the mother, many think she should have known better. Being a nurse herself, some of Bodnar’s advice should have thrown her off. A balanced diet is very important and it is good to occasionally good to uphold healthier alternatives. One should consider the advice given by health professionals. But your own discretion is important. If like this situation you are told to only drink water, that should ring a few warning bells.

Have you ever considered going down the ‘natural’ path for food? Do you need to revisit your mentality about what you eat?

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