Rockmelon Salmonella Scare

Food Standards Australia (FSA) just announced a warning for rockmelons all around Australia. Officials are worried about a possible salmonella outbreak from these fruits.

FSANZ announced that various states and territories around the country are investigating various cases of salmonella. Although we are still awaiting further information, FSANZ warns the vulnerable people to be careful. These include pregnant women, young children and the elderly.

Why is rockmelon a dangerous food to eat?

On the skin of rockmelons, can have many types of bacteria on it. This is because it is grown on the ground. One such bacteria is listeria. When people cut up melon, the skin can touch the flesh. Cross-contamination can occur which will cause food poisoning.

This issue of cross-contamination does not only occur in rockmelon. In 2012, a revision of the food safety guidelines made it so that a wide range of fruit and vegetables to be available for use by hospitals and aged-care facilities.

Do you need to consider the rockmelon you might have bought recently? Are you one or someone you know one of the more vulnerable people?

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