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Round 3: International Food Safety Round-Up

This is our third food safety round-up for the year! As we look across the globe, it might just make us glad that we live in Australia.

Britain Does Not Trust Government

A survey was done in Britain to see if people trust the government’s power over food safety. Only a third have come out and said they trust the government. This is after the horsemeat scandal.

Despite this claim, more than half of the population trust local produce over the abroad produce. When it comes to choosing products, 83% would buy a brand that is better for their health.

New Zealand Food Safety Reform

Citizens of New Zealand have until 22nd of September to send their submissions on the Food Safety Reform Bill. The change will focus on the reforming the dairy sector. It will also amend the following food safety acts as well; the Animal Products Act 1999, the Food Act 2014, and the Wine Act 2003.

Hawaii Scallop Scandal

Hawaii health officials have long asked for federal help in looking into a Hepatitis A outbreak. They believe that it caused by frozen and imported scallops served by Genki Sushi restaurants on Oahu and Kauai. Since mid-April, 168 victims have been recorded with 46 of them now hospitalised. State officials said they had been looking closely at Genki Sushi restaurants as a possible common denominator among outbreak victims for about a week. Investigation is still underway.

I hope you learnt more about the scandals around the world with this new food safety round-up.

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