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Safely Eat Raw Eggs


We all know raw eggs are a dangerous thing to consume. They do not only appear as is – they are important favourite condiments. Mayonnaise. Aioli. Eggnog. Just to name a few. But there is a secret tactic to protect you from getting sick.

Eggs are healthy and are great to eat! But they can be contaminated by salmonella when laid, resulting in potential food poisoning when eaten raw.

Now What…?

The Food Safety Information Council reveals six tips to minimise the risk of consuming raw eggs:

  1. Do not serve raw eggs to children, pregnant women, the elderly or other people with compromised immune system

  2. Do not use a cracked egg to make your raw egg product

  3. When eating raw eggs don’t use the shell to separate egg yolks and whites, use an egg separator

  4. Remove the shell from the dish you are serving the raw egg on

  5. Prepare the raw egg just as you are about to eat

  6. Wash your hands with soap and running water and dry thoroughly before and after handling any food.

Do these tips put your mind at ease? Can you think of other ways to eat raw eggs safely?

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