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Sugary Drinks Tax Can Save Lives!

Sugary drinks have recently taken the spotlight in food safety news in the United Kingdom. Last month, it was announced that a tax that would apply to soft drinks in 2018 and hopes that this can help address the issue of childhood obesity. Many think Australia should follow suit.

The general public in the United Kingdom has received this move quite happy. The people against this move are obvious – the companies that own sugary drinks. After seeing this move by the UK, many professionals in public health recommend Australia to do the same.

Obesity is a very real issue that Australians are facing and this is only one of the things the tax might help with. Sugary drinks can affect your dental health and is a leading risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Researchers believe that over 5 years, a 20% rise in the price of soft drinks and flavoured mineral waters would save 1,600 lives. It would also prevent 4,400 heart attacks and 1,100 strokes.

With statistics such as these, do you think Australia needs to also put in place such a tax? Or should we leave the citizens to make their own decision?

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