“Do We Fridge Our Eggs” Squabble


Eggs, we normally keep them in the fridge, in the cute little trays on the door. Yet only some stores sell them in a fridge… so do we actually need to put them into the fridge? Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) do not believe so.

In a recent statement, the FSANZ has dismissed concerns of stores selling unrefrigerated eggs – there was a claim that if they are unrefrigerated can cause salmonella food poisoning. The FSANZ says “there is no food safety reason to require whole eggs to be refrigerated” but many stores keep their eggs refrigerated to maintain the quality of them. By putting them into the fridge can help keep the firmness of the yolk and reduce spoilage.

How to REALLY prevent eggs food poisoning?

Food poisoning outbreaks associated with eggs in Australia have been mostly due to uncooked or lightly cooked foods containing contaminated raw egg so if you want to not get sick from eggs, THOROUGHLY COOK YOUR EGGS!

Do you have to change the way you eat your eggs? Do you need to consider a better way of possibly storing them back at home?

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