The Obesity Factor

It has become an undeniable truth – obesity is a huge issue that is affecting the world. There are many factors that have caused this. The simple act of dropping your kids off at school when it is a less than a kilometre away cause such issues. Twenty-five years ago, things like these were unthinkable. But now, obesity has become such an issue that we are redesigning our hospitals to accommodate the influx of obese people.

Exercise and a more active lifestyle are helpful in keeping fit but the source of this epidemic comes back to what people are eating. As one can imagine, the fast food era we are now in and the indulgent oily foods that are seen as high end eating are some of the root causes of Australia’s current obesity issue – we are now the fifth in the world n obesity rates!

As much as we can blame the food the obese are eating, obesity is an issue that can not be tackled by the individual. Medical professionals have criticised the lack of funding from the government in this issue. There are an abundant amount of people willing to look into this subject but just not enough money to fund them.

That means showing public support to get rid of blanket advertising of alcohol, junk food and sugary drinks, and its bizarre relationship with sports. It means supporting a tax on sugary drinks. And it means facing up to this country’s alcohol problem and supporting taxes on the products that are making us sick.

What are your first steps to help tackle this issue?

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