The Oregano Counterfeit

Many Australians use oregano in their cooking. So many of us who can not buy the fresh product or will put it to waste eventually, would prefer to purchase the dry oregano leaves. But a recent study shows that we might have been duped.

Recently, 12 popular oregano products were tested from different supermarkets, grocers and delis in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and then had the products analysed. From the 12 products tested, only 5 of them – Coles, Herbie’s Spices, Masterfoods, McCormick, and Woolworths Select – contained 100% oregano. The biggest offender was the Master of Spices, which was only 10% oregano, followed by Hoyt’s, at 11%, and Aldi’s Stonemill, at 26% – Aldi has since pulled their products from the shelves and are offering full refunds.

This result clearly shows that there is an issue with food fraud – something that has run a muck in the food industry for the past few years. Many are still looking into amending this problem but in the end, honesty is the key in clearing this issue out.

Do you need to be more careful in your purchases? Will reading the ingredients list improve your chances of buying pure products?

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