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The Raw Milk Karma

As many of you may know, the raw milk debate has been on the table for a rather long time. The issue is whether we should allow raw milk to be legally sold to consumers. This topic is not only raised in Australia but also in the United States of America. But for the lawyers, in this case, karma hit them like a herd of cows.

Why is Raw Milk such a hot debate topic?

First of all, what is this topic about. Like in any good argument, there are two sides to the issue. One side says that raw milk should be legalised because it is the more organic product. But on the other hand, people argue that raw milk should be banned because it contains a tonne of pathogens that cause discomfort after consumption.

From experience, it seems raw milk does cause quite a bit harm – even if it did not intend to. Last year, an Australian farm faced a dilemma when their raw milk bathing liquid was accidentally ingested. There were food poisoning reports and the issue made it big on the news, especially after it caused the death of a child (for more, click here).

The West Virginia Story

Lawmakers in West Virginia who consumed raw milk after passing a bill legalising the unpasteurised dairy beverage have fallen ill, but they insist the flu is to blame. The stomach bug has been doing the rounds in the office after the celebratory drink. Funny how the thing that they were fighting for back-stabs them in the gut?

What is your opinion on raw milk? Should it be legalised or should it remain a forbidden concoction?

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