Total Recall: HACCP Style

In the past year, we have seen many food ordered for a recall after food poisoning pathogens were found on the product. However, recently an electronic program was developed to help us minimise food being recalled. Rejoice food businesses and manufacturers – this program might not only save you dollars but also your reputation!

The program was developed by GS1 Australia and the Australian Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP ) have given their approval. The product is an electronic recalled product notification management system designed to minimise the impact and cost of food and beverage products recalled and withdrawn from the supply chain.

Being the first and only online recall portals, Recall is the first one to be used in Australia. It means that in the event of a product is recalled or withdrawal, subscribers of the Recall service will have access to a convenient and effective means of complying with HACCP requirements for recall communications such as notifications, reporting and tracking of communications. This well help businesses ensure that their products will not be included in the market.

Are you excited about such a program? Or are you going to wait for more reviews when they come out before you look more into it?

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