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Toxic: SA Bean Sprouts

Some of you might now that bean sprouts are a major cause of food poisoning. For those that are following our Top 10 Food Poisoning Culprit series, you would know that bean sprouts make the list at #10 (you can find out more here). And it seems it deserves its position after the fiasco it has caused in South Australia.

For a bit over a week, South Australia has seen 108 cases of salmonella affect those who have eaten bean sprouts. This is a drastic number and since then, government officials have urged people to throw out their sprouts or return them to place of purchase.

The company involved is Star Tu, a bean sprout manufacturing company. On Wednesday, their product was tested and found that, five sealed bags produced by Star Tu were contaminated with Salmonella, and given this new evidence we have issued this factory with an order to recall and stop selling.

Products recalled are:

  • STAR Tu, Chinese Bean Sprouts, all use by dates. Product sold in plastic bags all sizes, including 350g, 1kg and 5kg. Also sold to consumers loose;

  • SUNSHINE Sprouts, Bean Sprouts, 125g plastic tub, all use by dates.

Do you need to check the bag of bean sprouts in your fridge if you live in South Australia? Do you need to develop better bean sprout eating habits, like cooking it?

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