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Video: 5 Areas that Influence Commitment to Food Safety

Are you looking to review the food safety rules in your food business? This web seminar will give you the tips you need to build a sturdy system that makes it easier for your employees to follow.

Summary of Web Seminar, 5 Areas that Influence Commitment to Food Safety

The letter of senior management commitment was signed and filed. But written commitment isn’t enough to have a food safety management system that works. What else does senior management need to do, and how will that influence food safety behaviour all the way to the front line? And then there’s what few experts talk about – the roles of middle managers, supervisors, front-line workers and others…what are their roles in bringing food safety programs to life? Join this webinar to learn how both management commitment and work unit commitment to food safety are critical to food safety behaviour, other factors that influence commitment, and ways to increase commitment to food safety throughout a company – top down and bottom up.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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