Video: InControl Cuff First Gloves

Many food businesses use gloves to help keep the food safe from human contamination. But sometimes, human skin is not the main problem. The simple act of getting a new glove out to use can prove difficult.

We all know that cross-contamination is the biggest issue. This is certainly the case when it comes to food safety in any food business. This new product will help prevent contamination of other gloves in the process of getting a new one out. There are no changes made to the product itself, rather it is a change in the dispensing method.

In this week’s web video, we get a look at this new dispenser system that will keep them clean! There will be no more extra ones falling to the floor and no more putting dirty gloves back in packaging.

Summary of Web Video – InControl Cuff First Gloves

According to Karl Stanners, sales and marketing director at InControl, the company’s new dispensing system reduces cross-contamination risks by 96 percent.

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