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Video: Tips to measure food safety culture and food safety behaviour


A business might build a sound food safety system but sometimes even that fails – due to human error. It might not be a deliberate mistake yet it still happens. How can we prevent it from happening? By building a strong sense of keeping food clean into your employees to fail-safe any errors that might be made during the preparation process. Watch this week’s web seminar to help you with developing a strong food safety culture and behaviour in your food business.

A Summary of Tips to measure food safety culture and food safety behaviour

Food safety culture is a risk factor. Even if you have all the resources you need for your food safety system, people can make it or break it. A food safety culture can range from strongly negative to strongly positive. What is yours like and what can you do to make it more positive? In this webinar, you will learn what influences food safety culture, approaches to measuring food safety culture and food safety behaviour (they’re different), leading and lagging indicators and factors to consider when implementing changes to improve food safety culture and behaviours in your workplace.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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