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What Are The 10 Worst Things Found In Fast Food?

Fast food franchises are notorious for having rather bad food safety practices. When I was in high school, many of my friends worked at the local McDonald’s. Some of the stories that they shared were a good laugh back then. But now … they only bring shivers down my spine. However, the ten incidents in this post make my stories seem like a walk in the park.

10. In 2013, a teenager took a bite into his piece of chicken at KFC and bit into something unexpected. The restaurant in Colchester, Essex, had served the 19-year-old a grey, wrinkly lump. It was later concluded that the lump was either a brain or a kidney

9. A Happy Meal purchased in Switzerland in 2009 caused quite a stir. A little girl started eating her fries, she saw a condom lurking at the bottom of the box. As one would expect, everyone freaked out. Even the police got involved

8. This story features a woman at a Costco store in Mission Viejo, California. In 2009, she bit into a hot dog and felt something chip her tooth. It turns out she had bitten into a live 9mm cartridge! The situation gets worst when she realised she had already ingested one bullet!

7. In 2008, a man got the shock of his life as he bit into his 12-inch Subway in NYC. His one bite nearly slashed open his face … there was a 7-inch knife in his sandwich!

6. This is not one scenario, it is a study on soda fountains. And this 2010 study in American is horrifying. Why? Because it estimated that 48% of soda fountains around the country are contaminated with faecal matter

5. In France, a deep-friend bird head caused quite the stir around the country on social media. The entire country was grossed out in April 2016. Generally in poultry production, the chickens are decapitated long before they get anywhere near being packaged for human consumption

4. Everyone’s worst nightmare came true for a man in Ohio. In 2005, the man was eating a chicken sandwich and almost swallowed a piece of thumb! The manager has been shredding lettuce earlier and had sliced the tip of his thumb. After dressing the wound, the flesh got lost in the lettuce and ended up in the man’s sandwich

3. Japan makes some of the scariest movies … but it seems they have scary food stories too. In 2014, a woman ordered some French fries from McDonald’s. She opened the box to find a human tooth in her food!

2. Oregon, 1984 was quite a dangerous time. There was a cult called the Rajneeshee was trying to rig a local election to take over Oregon’s government. In order to win the votes, the party decided to get other voters too sick to attend the polling booths. They targeted salad bars and taco stands across the state, deliberately infecting them with salmonella. 751 people were sickened, with 45 requiring hospital treatment.

1. In 2010, three homeless men were arrested in Russia for the murder of an associate. That was not the worst part of their crime. Because, it turned out that they disposed of his body by cooking him and selling him as kebab meat to unsuspecting locals.

The Lesson To Be Learnt

So take heed food businesses, especially those in the fast food industry. Carefully follow the food safety protocols and make sure your employees follow them. You do not want your business shining through in this list!

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