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Reduce Food Waste This Year!


Food waste is a major concern for many reasons. It is waste of good food that could otherwise be eaten by others or at another time. The constant buying of groceries sets an unrealistic demand on food and farmers may struggle to meet the quantity and quality required. The eventual waste is bad for land fill and therefore the environment. The list goes on and on.

Being no more than two weeks into 2017, it might be a good time to set or add reducing food waste to the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ list.

Food Waste Preventing Apps

We have found some phone applications that will help you monitor your food purchasing habits to prevent wastage.

  1. Pepperplate is a mobile app that compiles and organises recipes that you like, create meal plans and generates a shopping list. This will prevent overspending on ingredients.

    Once you start cooking, the app also goes through step-by-step the recipes that you have chosen as you cook.

  2. Cloud-Freezer is another app that helps generate a shopping list. However, its focus is on inventory as opposed to planning meals. It helps you keep track of the items of food already in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Cloud-Freezer also keeps expiry and/or use-by-dates in its system to help you plan what to eat first as to reduce food waste. The app also has a barcode scanner that can help you enter items quickly.

  3. Meal Board is the app that covers the most ground. It combines the characteristics of both Pepperplate and Cloud-Freezer, which means you have both food saving methods in one app! It will save a lot of time and effort. Most importantly, it will save your wallets and the environment. 

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