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How Should Australia Protect Its Food Reputation?


Australia has a great food reputation – that is why so many of our products are exported to other countries. Or food system has indeed grown and evolved over hundreds of year. But with globalisation, our food reputation. How are we to maintain our good track record.

The main issue that might cause issues in the quality of Australian food is the supply chain. Opening the market for food production has generally benefited more consumers. It is easier than ever before to access great produce. But the loss here is the increased journey time from paddock to plat. The longer period means that our as a clean, sustainable and safe food producer now mostly sits outside our control.

Moving Forward in Food Reputation

Fortunately, the technological advancements in this century means that it is easier to have this factor checked. It is now possible to have transparency, visibility and confidence. Our government, regulators, retailers, and producers all have a role to play. So, the next move is to fully apply this technology to the food industry.

Have you thought about the reputation of your food business? How can you guarantee all that you provide is safe to consume?

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