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Where Is Raw Milk Used In Cheese Around Australia?

The idea of using raw milk (or unpasteurised milk) in dairy products has been a contested topic in terms of food safety. For those that are for this movement, a huge step has been taken recently.

Cheesemakers in South Australia have been given the green light to produce raw goat’s milk cheese. Unpasteurised dairy products are made around the world. However, due to the strict regulations around Australia make it more difficult to create raw milk products.

Many people that are for using unpasteurised milk believe that the cheese produced will give more character and a flavour profile that is long, lingering and rich.

Guidelines To Use Raw Milk

But there are huge risks of pathogens in using raw milk to create products. In order to prevent this, there are many strict guidelines in place. Things such as pH, moisture content and microbial limits have to be monitored carefully. Strict regulations around milk quality, farming practices and animal health must also be followed.

Are you brave enough to eat the unpasteurised products? Or if you are business considering using raw milk, what precautions will you have to take?

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