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How Should We Celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day?


Tomorrow marks World Hand Hygiene Day, that is, on May 5th. You may guess already what this day has a focus on but what more can we learn about hand washing or other hygienic practices from this day?

This special day is organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO has created this day to remind people of the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare. Every year there is a new slogan and this year’s is Fight antibiotic resistance … it’s in your hands.

Why is this hand hygiene day important?

A very important role that World Hand Hygiene Day plays is to highlight good infection prevention and control practices to change behaviours to reduce the spread of infections. This will save the lives of millions. Without behaviour change, antibiotic resistance will remain a major threat. The 2017 campaign seeks to call out to healthcare facilities to strengthen infection prevention and control programs based on WHO guidelines on core components of infection prevention and control programs. 

Although WHO’s target audience are those in healthcare, those in the food industry can also take the advice given. To remind themselves how important good hand washing and other hygienic techniques are for preparation processes. In most cases, it is a life or death situation.

How can you update your hand hygiene guidelines in your food business? Or do you need to create a new routine?

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