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Video: Ensuring Readable Date/Lot Code Information On Food Label

A food label for a food manufacturer or business can make or break a company. The wrong information on the label can lead to consumer dissatisfaction … worse, it can lead to a court case about incorrect information. This is especially the case with the updated food labelling laws around Australia. But with this web seminar, it will help you with amending expiration date labels and the like. And prevent any customer complaints.

Web Seminar Video forĀ Ensuring Readable Date/Lot Code Information On Food Label

Label-related defects are the most common cause of product recalls, and also happen to be the most preventable. One of the more challenging inspections is with expiration and date coding from ink jet printers. Products moving down an unstable line and improperly oriented to the printer head could result in unreadable information. This presentation will discuss some of the challenges in reading and verifying critical information such as date codes and highlight solutions to these issues.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series

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