What Food Poisoning Is Caused By Raw Flour?

Flour is a very common ingredient used in a lot of food. From baking cakes to making sauces, is a very versatile ingredient. But sometimes, it is an ingredient that is used incorrectly. So when not properly used, what pains can flour cause people?

Last week, New England Journal of Medicine revealed that raw flour can cause a bacteria to form if uncooked. One specific bacteria that raw flour can cause is Shiga toxin-producing E. coli bacteria. E coli is commonly entered through the human body by eating raw another raw food item—eggs.

This is very concerning since there has been a rise of popularity in eating cookie dough. This means that there may be a rise of E coli poisoning and business owners need to be more careful about this. One should not follow fads but ensure the safety of their customers. Proper methods of cooking flour is baking, frying and roasting are so important. These methods will kill bacteria, thus preventing illness.

What other food fads should we be aware of? How you make any type of food safe to consume?

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