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Beef Sustainability in Australia


The Red Meat Advisory Council has recently made their draft Australian Beef Sustainability Framework public. The industry is encouraged to comment on the current state and present arguments for and against issues.

The focus of the new framework is for fostering longevity and prosperity for producers and consumers alike for the 18-billion-dollar Australian beef sector. There will be a focus in four main areas:

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Economic resilience

  • People and the community

  • Animal Welfare

So far the plan is developed by the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) and from their discussion with people in the industry, retailers, regulators, financial organisations, special interest groups and customers. By opening the draft Framework to the public, it means that the wider community gets a chance to voice out their opinions as well.

By asking the community for their feedback given to the RMAC will help develop the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020. This plan will focus on

  • Improving transparency

  • Aligning practices with community expectations

  • Building trust in the red meat sector

What are your opinions on the red meat industry? Are you able to provide the feedback the RMAC needs?

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