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What Is The Best Cleaning Tool In The Kitchen?

Many of us use a cleaning tool to keep our kitchen nice and fresh. There are many options that we can choose to clean. The most common are the dishcloth, brush or sponge. But which item is the most hygienic?


We have touched on the dangers of using a sponge in your kitchen for cleaning your dishes (click here to read more). Basically, there are ways to clean your sponges. You can throw it into a dishwasher to give it a good wash. You can also microwave your sponge on high for two minutes too! But be careful there are no metal fragments in your sponge. However, the safest option is still to regularly replace your sponge. If you use wash your dishes daily, you should be replacing your sponge once a month.


The same time frame is suggested for dishcloths. Dishcloths are not any more hygienic than sponges—bacteria will grow on anything warm and moist. So in the end, it is just a matter of preference. However, the cleaning methods will be different for this. You will be throwing the dishcloth into a washing machine to clean the bacteria. You can also wash your dishcloth and sun-dry the cloth.


This particular tool is the most hygienic out of the three. They are easy to clean and dry, making it harder for bacteria to grow on it. However, the downfall of this cleaning tool is that it can be awkward to wash certain items with, for example, a wine glass.


The brush comes out as the most germ-free cleaning tool in the kitchen. But as mentioned, there are just items in the kitchen that makes it hard to uses brushes.

What cleaning tool do you use at home? Which of these three dishwashing tools do you prefer? Are there new practices you need to adopt in your kitchen so that your tools do truly remain clean?

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