How Can Allergies Be Prevented In Food Industry?

Allergies have become a very important aspect of food safety in recent years. So, the National Allergy Strategy has launched a new online training course to help the food industry.

This online course is one step that can help you keep your food business stay allergy-safe. Best of all, it is free to use! The program is designed to train people in the food services industry. It will raise their awareness of the risks food allergies pose and how to identify allergens. But most importantly, it will teach them respond to customers with food allergy queries.

The National Allergy Strategy is a result of the ever-increasing amount of anaphylaxis episodes. Anaphylaxis is the response the body has to a food allergy. One in 20 children and one in 50 adults have a form of food allergy. While prevention and awareness is the key to reducing the risks, there is no cure.

A Small Step To Take To Prevent Allergies

Cross-contamination is a huge cause of causing anaphylaxis. When utensils are not properly cleaned, residue of an ingredient someone may be allergic to. Experts recommend to take care and separate yourself while preparing a special allergen request. Wash your hands, make sure utensils are clean and focus on that person’s dish.

Does your food business need to take more care allergies? Will this free course from the National Allergy Strategy be something your food business should consider taking?

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