How Can You Keep Your Christmas Party Food Safe?

Christmas is only 11 sleeps away and the school holidays begin this weekend. Everyone is in a rush to get their Christmas gifts ready for family and friends. Not to mention the big Christmas feast on the actual day. But during the festive season, how can you make sure none of your family and friends get sick from your cooking?

South Australian Health has recently release their best tips on how to shop and store your groceries in a safe environment. They believe that people need to be aware of the proper food safety practices for cooking and preparation as well as storing the food correctly and at the right temperature.

SA Health Top Tips

Here are the tips SA Health provided on keeping food fresh:

  • Pick up your refrigerated goods at the end of your shop
  • Use an esky or cooler bag to transport cold items
  • Put cold items away as soon as you get home
  • Don’t overstock your fridge and freezer. This prevents air from circulating freely
  • Handle leftovers with care, if it’s been left out for less than 2 hours it is alright to put back in the fridge
  • Never eat perishable food or leftovers that haven’t been refrigerated for more than four hours. This is especially true for salads, dips, dairy products, raw egg products, meat, poultry, seafood or rice

Do know these tips already? If not, how can you implement it in your life? Do you have any other tips that help keep your food safe while it is stored away?

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