What Will Cause Seafood Prices to Increase Before Christmas?

Australians loving having seafood. And the best time to have this delicacy is over a Christmas dinner with the family. But this tradition might be halted this year because it seems oysters and prawns might have a price spike!

The Prawn Problem

This is due to shortage of oysters and prawn. Tiger prawns are at a 30 year high! Cooked tiger prawns are selling around Sydney for $45 a kilo, $15 more than last year. There are two main reasons for the price increase. One, local prawn farmers were forced to destroy $25 million worth of prawns after an outbreak of White Spot Disease. Two, imported prawns are banned because it was determined that imported prawns was what caused the outbreak of White Spot Disease initially.

White Spot Disease causes white spots and loose shells on most types of crustaceans. Although this disease does not affect humans, the outbreak has caused many closures of prawn farms.

Operation Oyster

Oyster stock is being affected by a rise in Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS). POMS has been killing large numbers of Tasmanian grown Pacific oysters since 2016. The virus attacks the gills of oysters effectively causing them to suffocate and die within hours. And this virus has killed 80% of oysters between 12 months and two years old, as well as 50 per cent of adult oysters over four years old. The disease has no known harmful effects on humans.

Although this is bad for our wallets, this seafood food safety control is a comforting thing to know. That authorities are on top of it all.

What other foods do you need to be informed of before Christmas? Do you need to reconsider your Christmas menu?

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