Which is dirtier – your bathroom or kitchen?

We all take great pains to make our kitchen clean. From wiping down handles to using disinfectants to scrub away grim on surfaces, we do everything we can keep this place clean. But is the way we clean out the kitchen as hygienic as we believe?

Continuing our posts about dishcloths, this next bit of news may come to you as a shock. A recent study in the United Kingdom found that dishcloths has six times as much bacteria as toilet handles! Dishcloths can harbour potentially life-threatening germs such as E.coli, according to a new study.

25% of one dishcloth can contain up to one billion Pseudomonas spp. per square metre, which is an organism linked to damp and dirty conditions. The bacteria can cause minor skin and eye infections and potentially life‐threatening illness.

Top Kitchen Safety Tips

  • Thoroughly wash your dishcloth after every use. Rinse with an anti-bacterial detergent every two days to kill harbouring germs
  • Ditch your dishcloth every few weeks
  • Regularly deep clean your dishcloth in your washing machine at 60°C
  • Switch to anti-bacterial wipes to clean some surfaces, particularly after the preparation of raw meat or poultry

So your kitchen may be dirtier than a bathroom… now what do you do? What new habits do you need to adopt for your dishcloth?

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