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Food Labelling Conundrums

Food labelling has been causing confusion for shoppers for many years now. Even with a more succinct system, consumers are still confused by the country of origin for the product purchased. This post looks into another case such as this.

A spokesperson from Australian brand, Rosella, says that many Australian shoppers are buying tomato sauce made from imported ingredients. This is despite the fact that it says Australian Made. Consumers are yet to fully comprehend the difference between Australian grown and Australian made.

Brands such as Rival Fountain, White Crow and Masterfoods source their tomatoes from Australia and the United States to ensure that their product is constantly available.

This confusion will hopefully only last until the middle of the year. Food companies have until July next year to phase in revised country-of-origin product labels. You can read more into the differences of ‘Australian Made’ terms may mean, check out our previous post, Proudly Australian Made?

Do you need to get a better understanding of the labelling guidelines? How can you get yourself better acquainted with the jargon?

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