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Food Safety Code Breach

We all know that there is a food safety code in place to protect consumers. To protect them from any dodgy dealings with food that might cause harm to the people eating. But not everyone obeys these codes.

For the past two years, Udo Boschan of the Betta Maid bakery in the district of Illawarra in New South Wales has denied that his company had breached food hygiene standards for the ready-to-eat desserts to Illawarra Retirement Trust nursing homes But on Monday, he admitted that it was a lie.

The charges were made against the bakery in mid-February of 2015. Up to 30 people got sick after eating contaminated chocolate eclairs, apple strudels and chocolate slices. There were even two deaths. Afterwards, an investigation held by the NSW Food Authority discovered rust and dirty equipment was being used to prepare the food in an environment that contained “moderate to extreme” levels of rodent and cockroach activity.

After being shut down twice in two months, the bakery closed and has since pleaded guilty to 10 charges in May last year and was fined $63,000.

Are there food safety codes that your business might have slipped in your business? How can you put your business align with the codes?

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