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How Is the Food Safety Standards In New South Wales?

Food safety standards are very important to the reputation of a food business. But for some areas around Sydney, this important factor seems to have come amiss. There were great numbers of restaurants that breached the food safety laws.

Councils like Blacktown, Canterbury-Bankstown and Parramatta were home to some of the biggest breaches in New South Wales (NSW). Recently, the NSW Food Authority released a ‘Name and Shame’ register. Qualities that might cause a business to fall into this register include:

  • Failing to prevent pests

  • Leaving food open to contamination

  • Neglecting to adequately clean and maintain equipment

During the 30-day period of food safety inspections, 76 businesses were subjected to the inspection. From those businesses, 117 offences were made because businesses did not meet food safety standards.

Food Safety Standard Most Common Breaches

The following lists the most common food safety breaches in the past financial year:

  • Cleanliness of food premises – 21%

  • Storage and temperature control 16%

  • Pest control 13%

  • Hygiene of food handlers 13%

  • Cleanliness of fixtures, fittings and equipment 12%

Do you know how your business will fair in the ‘Name and Shame’ register? Is your food business meeting all the important food safety standards for your state?

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