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Gastro Outbreak on Australian Cruise

A gastro outbreak is one of the most common food poisoning scandals that can occur. Customers have now raised complaints about a particular outbreak that occurred on a passenger cruise ship in the past month.

The Sun Princess has taken two main trips in the past month; Brisbane to New Zealand and Brisbane to Papua New Guinea. Within the two trips, more than 250 passengers were affected by the norovirus bug. Over 90 people were affected by the virus on the trip to Papua New Guinea. Two weeks later, 160 travellers got sick on the trip to New Zealand.

Norovirus is highly contagious. The Sun Cruise declined to reimburse one particular passenger who disembarked at New Zealand and flew home to avoid risk of contamination.

Passenger action

Since then, passengers have contacted Queensland Health to properly close the ship. 2,000 passengers were made to wait 2 hours for the ship to be disinfected on 2nd February, after the first outbreak on the same vessel. A second, more detailed clean was completed yesterday, and customers have been advised of the risks via a letter sent to them, which details the previous contamination issues as well as good hygiene practices. Hazmat suits were used by those who were cleaning the rooms affected during the trip.

Do you think a proper investigation needs to take place? Should the company have done more in the first round of food safety checks?

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