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Is Hand Washing Only Important In The Food Industry?

Hand washing is something that is constantly emphasised in the food industry. It is one of the many safe guards in preventing cross-contamination in the production process of many food products. But is washing one’s hands important only the food industry?

The short answer to this question, no. Hand washing is a vital part in keeping many types of practices pathogen safe. One such place is hospitals. But a recent study has found that hospital staff may not be washing their hands.

940 public and private hospitals were audited around Australia last October. From this research, they found that not using alcohol-based hand rub on 16% of the occasions they should be. Furthermore, doctors were one of the worst performing groups, along with cleaning and food staff and personal care attendants.

This new study has forced Hand Hygiene Australia to improve the rate of hand washing among health workers. This comes amid renewed fears about an emerging post-antibiotic era and calls for urgent action to prevent it.

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