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How Do You Keep Fresh Produce Safe To Eat?

With the fad of fresh produce on the rise, many experts are reminding people the proper method of cleaning fruit and vegetables. So what does proper food safety practices for fresh produce look like?

Proper food safety practice should be quite obvious, especially for those that have been following our blog for some time. In order to avoid food poisoning, fruit and vegetables should be stored in a refrigerator and properly washed before served. By keeping it in the fridge, it increases the shelf life and slows bacterial growth on fresh fruit and vegetables. Washing the produce before consumption could clean away any bacterial growth that may have occurred.

Why Is Proper Procedure For Fresh Produce Important?

This reminder comes after several listeriosis outbreaks occurred around the world was linked to the contamination in fresh produce. Listeriosis is more commonly caused by contaminated processed ready-to-eat meat and dairy products. However these more outlandish scenarios should remind us of the importance of fresh fruit and vegetable food safety.

What habits about fresh fruit and vegetables do you need to change? How can you make your fresh produce safer at home or in your food business?

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