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How Does Scores On Doors Benefit A Local Council?

It is obvious that Scores On Doors is a benefit to customers and serves as a good guide for food businesses. But why should a city council consider using this food safety program? And how does this food safety benefit a city council?

The Four Main Reasons For Councils To Consider Scores On Doors

There are beyond the four following listed reasons why a council should consider using this program. But here are the four big one!

  1. No Additional Work

    The Scores On Doors follows the standard NSW inspection checklist (Food Premises Assessment Report or FPAR) that most councils already enforce on food premise inspections. The FPAR is free to councils and is given by the NSW Food Authority. It has built-in checkpoints that calculates the Scores on Doors rating. They also provide the display certificates and stickers at no cost for each of the three rating grades. All the council has to do is sen inspection staff to hand these over at the conclusion of the inspection.

  2. Visible Inspection Activity

    Scores On Doors is the best way for councils to showcase their investment in food safety. It provides an easy-to-understand rating system. Scores On Doors is also a reminder to the public that the council is actively working to maintain and promote high standards of hygiene and food safety in businesses.

  3. More Efficient Use of Resource

    Food businesses will have the pressure of maintaining higher standards for hygiene and food safety with Scores On Doors. With their rating available for the world to see, it can lead to greater levels of compliance and therefore less need for follow-up visits and resource intensive compliance action. It can also mean fewer consumer complaints.

  4. Stronger Local Economy

    Areas known to have a proactive council that visibly monitors food safety standards can help draw more consumers into the area for dining and food service and consequently benefit the local economy. Having Scores On Doors means that food business and council inspection staff will work closer together to improve the levels of hygiene and food safety levels within a business.

As a food business or a consumer, do you see Scores On Doors in your area? If not, do you need to encourage your council to get in on this food safety incentive?

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