How Safe Is It To Eat Sushi Or Raw Fish?

The concept of sushi may scare a lot of people. The idea of consuming uncooked fish seems utterly ridiculous and then it is to be laid out on cold rice? Inconceivable! But food safety authorities have made certain that the raw fish consumed is safe.

The initial concern consumers may have is justified. Raw fish can have several potential hazards for consumers besides parasites. Bacteria can develop in non-fresh fish and produce enzymes called histamines that may result in Scombroid poisoning. That is a lot of dangers that may come up!

The Sushi Solution

Restaurants that serve raw fish are required to freeze the fish at -20 degrees Celsius for seven days, or frozen at -35 degrees Celsius for 15 hours, which kills any parasites. Many wholesalers now already sell the fish in its deep frozen state. Although, this leads to a concern over the ‘freshness’ of the fish. However, there are some sushi shop owners have reported hardly being able to tell a difference between formerly frozen and fresh sushi themselves! This shows that shop owners can have safe food without their customers knowing the difference.

Do you need to make sure that your sushi is prepared in the proper way? What ways can you make sure your fish at home is also safe?

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