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How Important Is Hand Washing After Shopping?


Many in the food business know how important hand washing is. It helps kill any pathogens that might have attached itself to your hands will you were handling other foods. But do the same rules apply to your normal supermarket shopper?

Two of the United Kingdom’s leading food safety experts warned shoppers to wash their hands before snacking or feeding children. This comes after a recent study showed that 9 million packs of chickens are sold each year with a dangerous dose of deadly bacteria on the outside. The investigation found that the plastic exterior of more than 1 in every 100 raw chickens sold by Britain’s biggest retailers is harbouring a potentially infectious level of campylobacter.

So in short, hand washing after shopping is very important.

The Step Forward

The Food Standards Agency is focussing on educating the public about the safe handling and cooking of raw chicken meat. But now food safety experts are warning that hungry shoppers. Those that eat snacks with their bare hands after picking up plastic packs of raw supermarket chicken are unwittingly putting themselves at risk.

Is this a mentality you need to change? To think supermarket packaging automatically means things are clean?

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