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When Is Mandatory Food Labelling Being Enforced?

Food labelling is the easiest way for consumers to understand where their food is sourced from. But sometimes, the jargon used can over-complicate the facts for normal person. But with the new Country of Origin Labelling laws around Australia, this might all change.

In less than a year, Australia will be launching their new food labelling laws. If you want more information on what exactly the new Australian Country of Origin Labelling laws are, click here for out post on it.

Basically, the new scheme is designed to provide “clearer” information to Australian consumers. The origin of the food they purchase will be very clear under the new laws. It will make it easier for your everyday shopper to see how much of their food is grown in Australia. Also, it will make it easier to support Australian farmers at the checkout.

The Country of Origin Labelling Cut Off

Businesses are urged to begin conforming their food labels to the new labelling laws now. This is despite the final mandatory date of 1st of July 2018.

Has your business looked into the new Country of Origin Labelling laws? How will you adapt your current food labelling system to reflect the new laws?

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