Why Are Mangoes Around South Australia Urgently Being Recalled?

There has been an urgent recall on mangoes around South Australia. This announcement was made by Biosecurity South Australia yesterday. Since then, more than 125,000 mangoes have been taken off supermarket shelves in South Australia. What incited this urgent recall?

The recall was made after a Hawthorndene resident notified Biosecurity South Australia. They had discovered small larvae when they cut into a mango they had purchased. Since then, the mango was traced back to a batch of mangoes from Queensland. This batch contained 900 trays and anywhere up to 180,000 mangoes.

The very small white larvae was found in the mango and despite being smaller than a blowfly larvae, they were quite obvious when you cut the fruit open. Biosecurity SA has ordered all fruit from the affected Queensland grower be removed from storage and supermarket shelves, including produce sent to the state since December 1.

What Now For The Mangoes?

People that do find affected fruit are advised to not throw it in the bin or to return it to the store where they bought it. Instead, they should put it in a sealed plastic bag and ring the hotline.

For those in South Australia, do you need to be wary about the mangoes you have bought? What other alternatives might you have to think about when organising your Christmas party?

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