How Many Times Can You Safely Reheat Food?


When you go out for a big meal, we all look forward to the ‘reheat leftovers’. It is liking reliving the experience all over again! But how many times can you put the food days before in the microwave?

When food waste has become such a hot topic, the idea of reheating your food seems to be the sensible move. But can you reheat your food too many times? The short answer is no. If you can be certain that your food if thoroughly heated. It needs to be reheated at 75ºC.

However, if your leftovers are over three days old, you should throw it out – even if it was kept in a fridge. The only way to increase the longevity of leftovers is to put it into the freezer. This way, bacteria and other pathogens can not fester in the food. Having said this, pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems and elderly people should steer clear from leftover that have been kept for over 24 hours.

Automatically, we would consider reheating out food in the microwave. But it seems that microwaves do not heat food thoroughly. That is unless you stir and heat until you are satisfied that the food is thoroughly warm.

Do you need to adopt a new ‘reheat your food’ methods? Or do you need storage solutions for leftovers?

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