What Recall Is FSANZ Urged To Make?

An urgent recall is pushed to be made on certain brands of infant formula. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) are urged to put this recall in action after potentially toxic nanoparticles were found in certain formulas.

Environment group Friends of the Earth wants three brands of formula taken off shop shelves. This comes after tests showed they contained microscopic nano-hydroxyapatite particles. These particles are banned from use. However, FSANZ have yet to make the recall official. They say that there is not enough new evidence made that can prove the formula is a risk to babies and young children.

Friends of The Earth Recall Stance

During the tests done by Friends of Earth, they found three out of seven samples of infant formula contain the banned particle. With weaker immune systems, babies are particularly vulnerable to food safety risks. Therefore, they believe the following formulas should be banned;

  • Nestle NAN H.A. Gold 1
  • Nature’s Way Kids Smart 1
  • Heinz Nurture Original 1  

FSANZ Recall Stance

FSANZ says that hydroxyapatite is soluble in acidic environments including the stomach. Therefore, small amounts in food are likely to dissolve. Thus there is no cause for alarm.

What is your stance on this issue? Should the FSANZ make an official recall on this item? Or is Friends of Earth being overly cautious?

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