Why Is Refrigeration Important In Food Safety?

Refrigeration is something that people sometimes forget in terms of food safety. We always make a huge deal about heating food at the right temperature for safe eating. However, keeping food at the right cool temperature before and after the meal is equally important.

If your food business serves bad food to a customer, you are likely to be subjected to bad press. A bad review on social media can see your reputation as a business spiral down! So avoid this keep your ingredients and food well refrigerated!

Without correct refrigeration, food can enter the danger zone (between 5°C to 60°C) which increases the risk of bacteria-related contamination that can result in food poisoning. Having a fridge that has a temperature of between 1°C to 5°C will prevent most bacterial growth. Fluctuations in core temperature during storage are not only dangerous but also alter a product’s flavour, nutritional integrity and quality. Therefore fridges that maintain tight temperature control are essential in a busy kitchen, where doors are constantly opened and closed. 

Does your current food safety plan include refrigeration? Will it be a good idea to get your fridge checked up?

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