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Round 2: International Food Safety Round Up

We have come to our second international food safety round up of the year. What countries will be featured this time? And what food scandals have arisen?

A British Hotel Food Scandal

Patrons in Britain have caused massive headaches for hotel owners. Customers have been lying about cases of food poisoning for an expensive pay-out. Since then, the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca has pre-warned tour operators about the potential ban in advance. Hotel owners have been worried about this issue for a year and half now. Although there is no official law made by the UK government, there is a possibility of fining holidaymakers who make false claim.

Beefed Up Issue In America

Meat supplier, Bailey Farm LLC, in the United States is being sued for having euthanasia drug found in their dog food. The dog food contains horse meat and it is the source of the pentobarbital contamination that sickened several dogs earlier this year, killing at least one.

New Zealand Soap Drama

A pre-school teacher is currently in court over multiple assaults charges. All the assault charges are against the children in her care. One act was that she washed a young boy’s mouth with soap after he swore at another teacher. Hygiene takes a completely different turn in this scenario…

We hope you learnt new things about the world after this food safety round up.

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