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Round 4: International Food Safety Round Up

It is time for another internation food safety round up. Like most other international round-up posts, we will focus on the food scandals that have rocked nations from across the pond.

United States of America: Death Wish Coffee’s Literal Wish of Death

Popular coffee company, Death Wish, has announced that they will be recalling their product. This is a result of finding their products may contain botulin. The process the coffee is produced can foster this toxin and it will give you a bad bout of food poisoning. The specific product in question is the 11-ounce Death Wish Nitro Cold Brew.

India: 800 kg of unhygienic Food Found

Chennai food safety officials have had about 500 complaints about unwholesome food. Since then, team officials from Tamil Nadu Food Safety Department seized 800 kg f unhygienic food items around shops and small hotels. From the 32 shops that were searched, the officials checked for unhygienic food and products without proper labels. Some food seized contained artificial synthetic food colour.

Korea: Lizard Found in Candy

A dead lizard was found in can of candy sold at a military base in Korea. As expected, there was a massive public outrage against the lax food safety regulations in the country. There has been on ongoing concern over the safety of food sold at military camps. Since 2013, there has been 89 cases of food complaints. Besides the dead lizard, many items have been found in the military food. They include:

  • hair
  • chicken feathers
  • maggots
  • ticks
  • pieces of plastic bags, and nuts and bolts were also found in various packaged food products

We hope you enjoyed this round of International Food Safety Round Up.

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