What Secrets Have Chipotle: Mexican Grill in America Been Hiding?

Popular fast food chain in the United States of America, Chipotle, has been under the spotlight for a while. There were many food safety scandals (here is one example) and news just seem to get worse! What new stories have been revealed?

Since the food safety scandals emerged, around 42 Chipotle stores were forced to close. Of course, this did not only affect staff but shareholders as well. To fight back against the company, shareholders of Chipotle are trying to revive a lawsuit. It alleges that the fast food chaing knew about E. coli outbreaks in 2014, but kept the information from public knowledge.

The lawsuit was dismissed in March 2016. However, if the shareholders are trying to revive such a serious case, the situation is more dire than one assumed. This attitude, if Chipotle did hide the food safety scandals from the public, will jeopardise the consumer trust. With shares taking a nosedive since 2014 when the first scandal broke, things look bad for the Mexican fast food chain.

What Does The Chipotle Fiasco Mean For A Food Business Owner?

Although many a business would prefer to keep their scandals on the down-low, it’s not the best idea in the long run. Do you need to reconsider your food safety practices so your food business will not fall victim to a scandal? Have you considered what actions need to be taken in an event of a food safety scandal?

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