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Video: CREEP – Comprehensive Risk Evaluation of Environmental Pathogens

A good risk evaluation on your products can prevent a food poisoning scandal for your food company. This week’s webinar will help you identify and control the things that might cause pathogens to grow in your workplace.

Web Seminar Summary of CREEP – Comprehensive Risk Evaluation of Environmental Pathogens

The food industry is expected to deliver food to the public that is free from any amount of Salmonella spp. or Listeria Monocytogenes bacteria. Considering the fact that these pathogens are naturally found in the environment and are potentially present in all raw animal or plant agricultural produce, this expectation can seem impossible to meet. Based on recent outbreaks and subsequent recalls it is clear that applying HACCP alone is not sufficient for meeting this challenge. In this webinar we will present a comprehensive approach including identifying and controlling relevant CCPs while managing those PRPs which are critical in preventing post-lethal recontamination. We will also discuss the value of sampling products and the environment for presence of pathogenic enteric bacteria.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series

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