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Video: Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Food Safety

Rumours spread about food safety like wildfire. We hear things from our mother’s when we were young and now we have random Facebook posts. But where is the truth in all these tales? Are there practices that might cause more harm than good? Luckily, this week’s video will demystify some of the most common food safety misconceptions.

Video Summary of  Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Food Safety

Every day, our bodies are bombarded with bacteria, and occasionally it has a huge impact. Whether it was acquired from restaurant food or a grocery store, they may have caused them to claim they later had food poisoning. There are multiple nasty bacteria that can cause this. Also, there are many misconceptions about how they end up in our food and what the best ways to avoid them are. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, so here are several misconceptions about food safety. Moreover, the practices involved that can leave us satisfied, or ruin our day with stomach churning nastiness.

So can a microwave kill all the bacteria? Is fresh produce as safe as we believe it to be? Can gloves actually protect bacteria from entering our food? What is the purpose for the misting machine in the produce section?

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