Is Washing Your Raw Chicken Better For Food Safety?

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Chicken is one of the favourite types of meat that Aussies eat. Whether it is fried or poached, Australians heavily rely on this meat in their diet. But even thought it is something that is eaten everywhere, not everyone know how to prepare it in a food safe manner.

Something that many of us have been taught since youth is the importance of washing. Wash your hands, wash your hair, wash your vegetables … the list goes on. So naturally, many assume that ‘wash your raw chicken’ also applies here. Unfortunately, this is where people are sorely mistaken.

By washing your raw chicken you are at risk of spreading germs everywhere. It is not just chicken that people should avoid washing, red meat is also something that should not be washed. When you wash uncooked meat,e specially chicken, you can easily spread salmonella or other bacteria all over your kitchen. The water splashes as you wash carries the bacteria all over your preparation are in your kitchen! This makes it very likely someone in your family will touch it and get sick.

Dilemma solved! The proper method.

The best way to make sure that your meat does not contain anymore bacteria is to cook it properly. By using a food thermometer, you can tell how well cooked your meat is. Different meat requires different temperatures.

Do you need to change your raw meat preparation habits? Do you need to acquire a food thermometer to make sure your meat is thoroughly cooked?

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