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What is happening for Australian Food Safety Week in 2018?

Australian Food Safety Week is just around the corner. Tomorrow, in fact! The Food Safety Week goes from the 11th of November to the 18th. So what do you need need to know about it?

This year, the Australian Food Safety Week is focusing on cooking food properly. The theme is: ‘Is it done yet? Use a thermometer for great food, cooked safely every time.’ By focusing on this issue, the Food Safety Information Council hopes to encourage people to use food thermometers.

Food thermometers are very helpful to use. It will be able to ensure that meat and other risky foods are cooked at the right temperature to kill of all the bacteria. The Food Safety Information Council hopes this knowledge will reduce the staggering food poisoning numbers around Australia. They estimate that an estimated 4.1 million people get food poisoning in Australia. There are one million Australians have to visit a doctor with food poisoning. Finally, there are 32,000 people end up in hospital and 86 people die.

The Aim for 2017 Australian Food Safety Week

For the Food Safety Information Council, their only hope is that the food safety week encourages everyone (even the people at home) to get food thermometers. And to use them to cook food correctly to reduce food poisoning.

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